One thing I noticed when talking to parents about using home technology is that there is usually no written plan. Even when the use and planning of home technologies is discussed, parents usually tell their children what not to do. I believe that much of our focus on technology with children should be about what they can do with them.

Writing a written plan can offer the following benefits:

Achieve goals – if you actually write down some of the technological goals that you have, you can really achieve them. If you don’t record technological goals, you may not have set them yet. A technological goal can be as simple as “learning how to use Twitter” or something more complex, such as “learning to program on PHP.” The main thing is to set goals and achieve them.

Save money. By creating a technology plan, you can evaluate what you have, what you need and what you want. In many cases, the average person underestimates the number of technical devices and gadgets that he or does at home. When you plan, you can save money by planning a replacement and maintenance

Avoid controversy. One of the lessons my wife and I learned from marriage counselling was to make clear expectations and communicate them in advance. This may also apply to the use of technology. Allowing each family member to control the use of technology can lead to controversy or disagreement because the rules are not set. Determining who can use this technology, as well as when, where and why they can use this technology, everyone can be on the same page

Training. Because technology is implemented and used responsibly, they can be a great way to learn more about technology and almost any topic you can think of. Thanks to technology, people from different geographical regions can communicate and engage in different activities at the same time. It’s a great way to make learning easier.

Protecting family members. The most popular aspect of technology that I have questions about is internet security. While many solutions include filter installation and virus protection, most of them include environmental monitoring. Incorporating usage guides into your plan can help protect you and your children from MORE unwanted content.

Resource discovery. When you use technology as an educational tool, you can very easily find other resources that can be useful to you. Internet connection allows you to find books, records, videos, websites, organizations, and other resources at any time.

Meet people – if we want to, we can communicate with people almost anywhere in the world with the help of technology. This can give us valuable experience and allow us to create experiences for the people we meet. It is possible to meet people with the same interests in your city or village, but you can also communicate with people from different states or even countries.
Take time to reflect on the current role of technology in your home. When you take this step, think about the role you want him to play. Develop a plan and act!

Devin Debney is a technology consultant and author of “Making a Home Technology Plan.” In this book, he directs families step by step to develop a technology plan to control the use of technology in their home.


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