As we enter an ever-expanding technological age, I believe that we are not fully harnessing the potential of our former garage entrepreneurs, inventors and innovator thinkers. In fact, I am so convinced of this fact that I can no longer remain silent on this very important issue.

I believe that if I had to manage things, I would ask Congress to provide the presidential administration with discretionary research resources, fully discretionary resources to use. Then I would have two technical consultants and a few employees, people like me, who could travel around the country and check all these gadgets in the yard. These two advisers will report directly to the President so that they can understand future trends and what is happening in the development process. Otherwise, the nation may be caught up in the coming surprises, which will cause a paradigm shift and destruction, which is unexpected.

How exactly will this work? Well, the garage inventor called, and someone came and watched. We have so many innovations that we’re wasting. If someone in the house or garage has unique equipment, pay for the house and give him 100,000 for 24 months and life allowance? Oh, man, we’re blowing this on paperclips. If it’s not such a great invention, but still interesting, give them $5,000 and buy it.

In this case, take a study or device and pass it on to Naval Research, Lockheed, Boeing, AFRL, DARPA or something like that. Then the inventor comes up with another device and constantly rewards innovators. If the government doesn’t think this technology is viable, can they give the think tank some money, let us play with it, add it and then bring it back? Or donate it to an academic research company.

By doing this, we could help a little inventor get around bureaucracy, and you really know how to innovate in everything. Keep it cheap; encourage inventors. It can be done. You have to understand that we are entering the era of robots, and robotics is coming. We should all be proud of DARPA’s efforts, but we must triple or quadruple its budget and achieve ten times the current budget. Because the future is approaching, and we need it. In the meantime, we need to put the system in motion, fill the pump and let ideas and inventions flow like water, for the good of our country. Think about it in 2006.


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